Here we ARE.

Here I am, sitting behind the bar of the winery, reflecting on the trials and tribulations of the last year and half. What a ride it has been! For better or for worse, I made it through and came out the other side with more grit than before. I have done my best to not take this journey for granted. I am a firm believer that anything worth having, won't come easily. All of the setbacks have simply made this moment even sweeter. I am grateful every day for the people who have helped me along the way. From the bartenders at Kalispell Brewing who helped me drown my sorrows, to my friends and family across the state who kept rooting for me, even when I wasn't rooting for myself. This amazing creation would not exist without all of you, and I cannot wait to pour you a glass of wine off the tap. 

Yesterday marked our first week of being open to the public, and each day has been better than the last. The thing I love about this place and this product, is that it brings together people from all different ages and backgrounds. Couples, coworkers, and old friends all gather here to enjoy a glass of wine and the company of those around them. I never tire of seeing the weariness and stress melt away from people's faces as they sip that first glass of wine. This place provides a much needed reprieve, a comfortable space where you can slow down the endless churning of the world outside. It may not be as "hands on" of a way to helping people as my former path (medicine), but I like to think that I am still improving the lives of everyone who walks in that door, one glass at a time.